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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

DEMON - Foggy airbrush painting

Kinda like the foggy details. Contemplated not adding any sharp details at all. Might experiment more with that.


  1. Love the shadow and foggy effect!! Awesome. It really takes you 10-20 min. to draw this?

    1. Thanks, Emma! :D

      Yeah, 10-20 minutes. Especially this one since it's not fully rendered. But I've also been doing this all day long every day for 13 years, and I'm working digitally with brushes I designed to be quicker. If I was doing this same effect in pencil or with a real airbrush it would be a lot longer and more tedious process.

      Basic process that I do for just about everything (and this is an extreme version of that) is lay down a soft silhouette of a figure/face, etc, then add in sharp edged highlights, then maybe work some more darker tones in (though that's not always necessary). Soft edges recede and sharp highlights pop forward.


  2. Making shadows digitally, that sounds interesting. And I guess it's true what people say: practice makes perfect. Really loving your sketches!

    I'm surfing the web lately, trying to get to know more about multimedia arts, animation. Really thinking about going back to college, and it is a subject that has always interested me a lot.

    I'm actually an auditor, but I hate what I do (Don't ask me why I studied that cause I have no idea).