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Saturday, February 23, 2013

[VIDEO] GREEN BEARD! Real-time Concept Art Speed Painting - How to Paint Faces

15 minute warm-up sketch painting I recorded


Sorry for no audio this time! Quick upload! Listen to some of the music I've created here: http://raydillon.blogspot.com/p/music.html

Real-Time Speed Painting to get my hand warmed up for the day. I generally start with a face because that's what we connect with most in any image. I wasn't focused on a story or anything here, didn't have a character or emotion in mind, just blobbed down a silhouette and started rendering, then gave him an awesome green beard. All while my 3 year old was trying to climb me to watch. In fact, to be honest, he did most of this. ;)

The things I'm exploring here are contrast, edges (soft to hard for focus), and finding the important planes of the face. The only thing I would do different for a final piece would be to plan out what I was doing (of course) and continue refining until I got the lighting, skin texture, mood, and everything where it needed to be. But the process is basically this. Soft shadow, hard edge towards light source, planes of the face (or object), etc.

Let me know if you have any questions! ~RAY


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